Finzey services

    • Providing financing solutions that are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia in the form of tawarruq.
    • Ease of obtaining consumer microfinance with ease.
    • Meet the multiple needs of customers to reach their goal of financing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our financial services are Shariah compliant.

In case of early repayment, the entire remaining balance of the finance amount must be paid in addition to the term cost for the three months following repayment, calculated on the basis of the reducing balance.

The maximum amount of financing is 15000 riyals at the present time.

Through the e-channels available on the site.

Only 18 months at the present time.

Can not at the present time.

Conditions vary from one customer to another.

Through customer care email

Yes, there is an administrative fee of 1% or 5000 riyals, whichever is lower

Yes, fixed until the end of the financing term.

Because the promissory note for the personal finance product is used in the event of non-compliance with payment, and it is submitted to the competent authorities.

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