why finzey is better

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    FLEXIBLE schedule payments

    Easy periods as per the choice in paying the agreed monthly installment.

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    fast finance

    Giving approval and completing the request as soon as possible.

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    less documents

    Few, easy and accessible documents.

    short story about
    finzey finance

    Finzey is a personal microfinance company with fixed prices and short periods. All of our electronic services are emanating from financial technology and follow the Saudi Central Bank. We believe in the importance of transparency between Finzey and its clients. We provide a full detail on the amount of financing, the profit rate, the payment period and the amount of the monthly installment.

    personal finance

    Providing the best Islamic Law compliant financing solutions. Imagine what you see fit for your financing needs from Finzey company, which is the basis for achieving your dreams.

      • Approval of funding through both: the website or the application
      • Funding is done through easy and smooth mechanisms, and the amount is deposited into your account as soon as the approval is issued in a short period
      • Uncomplicated procedures and conditions,and you can apply for financing without a guarantor

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